Water-GlassPuresol is a Reg 31 approved high strength lime slurry for use in drinking water treatment.

Puresol is approved under Reg 31 for use in public water supplies in the UK and is listed in the “List of Approved Products and Processes for use in Public Water Supply” section A9 published by the DWI here.

The LimeCure 50 additive used in Puresol is NSF accredited for use in drinking water and is catalogued on the NSF website. By searching the NSF International database on www.nsf.org for the company Applied Specialties and clicking on the first link shows the approval for LimeCure 50 in drinking water applications. Alternatively follow this link

Hydrate Puresol settlingPuresol like Limesol uses the LimeCure 50 additive which creates a high concentration, reactive, low viscosity non scaling slurry. The additive reduces agglomeration in the slurry resulting in a smaller lime particles, a higher surface area and a more reactive product than competing products.

This higher reactivity and drinking water approval enables Puresol to be a direct replacement for higher priced caustic soda in many water treatment applications saving 30% of customers costs.

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Puresol also settles much slower than a hydrate solution as shown in the photo reducing settlement and blockage problems.

More information is available on the downloads page.