WB Lime SilosLimeCure is a patented additive developed by Applied Specialties Inc of the US specifically to manufacture high performance lime slurries such as Limesol and Puresol.

The additive acts as a dis-agglomerator and reduces the attraction between the hydrate particles in a lime slurry. As a result the average particle size of the slurry is much lower than competing products resulting in a larger surface area and a more reactive product.

This increased reactivity results in usage reductions of 30% when compared with competitor’s lime slurry products (usage reductions based on a range of applications in head to head trials in the US).

LimeCure meets BS EN 15039:2014 – Chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption and is approved by NSF for use in drinking water in the US and is in regular use by many US municipal water authorities.

Scaling before and after



LimeCure and lime slurries made with it reduce the effects of scaling and in some cases reverse the effects of scaling. This results in lower maintenance costs, reduced pumping costs and improved H&S. The picture shows scale before and after a ten week trial with and without LimeCure in the slurry.

For customers who do not want to transport water and wish to produce their own slurries from calicum oxide then LimeCure can be sold directly and Alkali Solutions will advise you on how you can create high performance slurries and make burnt lime savings of up to 30%

More information is available on the downloads page.