High performance lime solutions

Through the use of the patented LimeCure additive our high strength lime solutions:WB storage tank

  • are reactive so reduce the usage of lime in your system by up to 30%
  • reduce scaling minimising maintenance and pumping costs
  • and create a slurry which re-fluidise easily

We offer these benefits in three products:

Puresol is a high solids Reg 31 approved lime slurry for drinking water

Limesol is a high solids lime slurry for waste water and industrial water treatment

LimeCure is the additive which is used with calcium oxide (burnt lime) to create the Limesol and Puresol high performance slurries.

We are committed to providing improved products and saving customers money through reduced maintenance and lower lime usage as well as providing customers with a lower carbon footprint through reduced lime usage.

These products have been extensively tested by our partners Applied Specialties Inc of the US who have developed and patented the LimeCure process and technology. Lime solutions produced from LimeCure have been in use in a variety of applications throughout the US for a number of years.

More information is available on the downloads page.