Spray Dry Absorbers

The LimeCure 50 additive when added to the water used to make the lime slurry SDA flowsheetfor Spray Dry Absorbers (SDAs) provides a much reduced particle size and increased surface area reducing the lime slurry usage by between 30-35%.

This is of particular use in the Waste to Energy sector where SDA technology is commonly used to clean up waste gasses. A lime slurry made with LimeCure 50 will have a lower viscosity and reduced pumping pressure as well as minimal scaling resulting a cleaner spray and fewer blockages.

A further benefit is the reduced volume of Air Pollution Control (APC) dust produced. With APC dust being classed as a hazardous waste, disposal costs are significant. A reduced lime usage in the absorber results in a corresponding reduction in APC dust disposal volumes and costs.

Using LimeCure 50 results in lower costs from reduced lime usage, fewer outages from lime blockages, a cleaner off gas as well as lower APC disposal costs.

Trials in the US have demonstrated significant reductions in lime usage as well as improved absorber performance by adding LimeCure 50 to the slurry water to make a high performance slurry for use in SDA applications. Numerous sites are now using this technology to save money and improve performance of the SDA.

For an assessment of how much you can save by using LimeCure 50 in your lime slurry preparation please contact Alkali Solutions.

More information is available in the downloads section of the website.