Meeting the safe sludge matrix with liquid lime

I have uploaded this excellent piece by Southern Water on the liming of digested municipal sludge; titled “Low Dose Liming of Digested Liquid Sludge” as presented at the 19th European Biosolids & Organic Resources Conference & Exhibition, still worth looking over again in my opinion.


Southern Water (SW) was seeking a low cost alternative to the operation of thermal drying plant post digestion for sludge treatment. A land-bank survey indicated sufficient land-bank within the region for biosolids treated to conventional standards as defined by the Safe Sludge Matrix. After bench scale laboratory trials SW decided to pursue lime dosing as an add on treatment process in order to ensure robust compliance. Results indicated that pH increases to 8.5 in the digested sludge stream and a lime dose rate of 1% were sufficient to achieve biosolids compliance.


  1. Post MAD low dose liquid liming is a low-cost, energy efficient and sustainable treatment process for the production of biosolids compliant to conventional standards.
  2. Lime dosing to produce a pH of 8.5 in the treated biosolids provides sufficient bacteriological reduction in the final product to maintain compliance with the SSM as well as zero odour nuisance.
  3. Improved mixing of liquid lime into the digested sludge stream results in improved bacteriological compliance.
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Fully Patented innovative lime slurries by Applied Specialities Inc.

Our US partners; Applied Specialities, Inc. receives yet another patent for its innovation in making lime slurries. This latest patent shows the commitment that ASI has in improving how companies can utilise lime without the historical maintenance and handling problems associated with lime. Lime has a large number of operational and cost benefits as an alkali source; however the scaling and fouling that result frequently make the use of lime more expensive. The ASI technology essentially removes these drawbacks and makes lime not only easy to use but cost beneficial to use.

Lime slurry produced with ASI’s lime slurry patented process creates a more reactive lime because the lime particles do not agglomerate as they will otherwise.

A very visual example of scale inhibition using LImesol

A very visual example of scale inhibition using Limesol

There are a number of companies that are selling lime slurries but those are traditional slurries made from hydrate and typically having active hydrate solids less than 30%. This technology permits slurry solids over 42%. This is especially beneficial since it decreases excess freight and handling. These

high solids low viscosity slurries do not require on-site dilution. This makes automation easy and decreases system balancing adjustments.

The benefits to using the ASI patented technology includes the near elimination of scaling and fouling and in most systems, using either LimeCure or Limesol results in system clean up without using special procedures. Simply using these products provides a maintenance benefit.

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Limesol IBC re-suspended after 18 months!

This IBC of Limesol has been left standing for 18 months and has been successfully re-suspended using a single blade Euromixer 110v stirrer, the video speaks for itself!

Normally settlement over that period of time would result in a solid mass of lime at the bottom of the IBC, often making it impossible to even get the stirrer safely fitted to the IBC frame, Alkali Solutions Limesol patented formulation gives you the reassurance that even with a budget stirrer Limesol can be brought back into suspension quickly and easily.

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Alkali Solutions offers Limesol and Puresol in 1,000 litre IBC’s

A typical Limesol IBC with Stirrer

A typical Limesol IBC with Stirrer

Limesol and Puresol high strength lime suspensions can now be delivered customers who prefer to use IBC’s for convenience. Alkali Solutions products can now be obtained in 1,000 litre IBC’s with a ‘direct to customer’ service from our Derbyshire plant.

Our ‘direct to customer’ service provides customers with freshly filled IBC’s as well as a free return on the truck that delivers. Alkali Solutions will wash out all IBC’s before refilling so customers can be sure that they are only getting the best product each delivery.

Trials have demonstrated that Limesol settles slowly and if left can be re-suspended easily using a low cost IBC mixer. We recommend that if IBCs are left for more than a week they are stirred before use.

If you have an IBC liquid lime or caustic application, please contact us for more details;

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New Appointment

Alkali Solutions are pleased to announce the appointment of Derek Thompson to the position of Sales Director.

Derek joins us from Lhoist UK, where he was primarily responsible for the development of the liquid lime business in the UK and Northern Europe.

Derek Thompson

Derek will spearhead the growth of sales in the UK and Europe for the Limesol, Puresol and LimeCure products

mob 07903615205

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Sales Manager required

Alkali Solutions continued success has resulted in the Board deciding to recruit a Sales Manager to continue the growth in sales.

This exciting role will require a highly motivated results driven sales person. A successful candidate will be self-managing and focus on the long term generation of gross margin.

The role will be well rewarded with a significant bonus based on the business quarterly gross margin that will enable a talented sales person to earn an above average salary and bonus.

For more information on the role please contact Mike Eberlin at or on 07921 498087.

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Plant capacity increases required to satisfy demand

Increasing customer demand for Puresol and Limesol have resulted in Alkali Solutions needing an increase in production and storage capacity to meet customer requirements.

Many customers have seen the benefits of using slurries made with the LimeCure additive in reducing usage, scaling and viscosity through trials and in operation.

As a result the existing plant has now reached its capacity and our production partners Longcliffe are investing in a new larger plant to ensure we maintain the highest levels of quality and service for our customers in the future.

If you require further information on how Alkali Solutions can help please contact us.

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Alkali Solutions wins Proof of Concept grant funding

Alkali Solutions has recently won a 50% grant to support the introduction of its innovative Limesol, Puresol and LimeCure products into the water and waste waste treatment market.

The grant from the European Regional Development fund and Central Technology Belt  through Worcestershire County Council provides 50% match funding for equipment and product to allow us to provide free trials of our innovative product to our customers.

If you are a customer looking to trial our products we can part fund the trial though the grant to make the process of trialling our product in your processes easier. Please contact us here to discuss a trial.


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Alkali Solutions Water Conference Presentation

WWT Water Innovation conference Technology Showcase has presented us with a great opportunity to present the advantages of using Limesol and Puresol concentrated lime slurries in water applications.

Enclosed is a link to the presentation…..

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Alkali Solutions presents at WWT Innovation Conference

Alkali Solutions has been invited to present at the Technology Showcase for the WWT Water Industry Innovation Conference at the end of the month. The innovative LimeCure 50 additive will be introduced as well as the benefits of using lime slurries made from this additive such as the Limesol and Puresol product produced by ASL.

.WIIC 2015-logo-72

For more information follow this link or contact us here.

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