Southern Water awards liquid lime contract to Alkali Solutions

Alkali Solutions Ltd (ASL) has secured a three year contract to supply Limesol, the liquid lime suspension, to Southern Water, in the face of strong competition from much larger organisations.

The contract, for five Waste Water Treatment Works stretching from Southampton in the west along the south coast to Hastings and up to Ashford, encompasses delivery of approximately 3k tonnes of Limesol per annum across all sites.

Limesol is used to adjust the pH of the effluent stream ensuring sufficient pathogen kill is realised, and the resultant dewatered sewage cake can then be re-cycled to agriculture as a fertiliser.

This completes the cycle of re-use for municipal waste and, in turn, generates sufficient biogas energy to create substantial cost savings for Southern Water in running its treatment plants.

‘We have made significant technical advances in the production of this high-tech milk of lime, and this has been recognised by Southern Water,’ commented Derek Thompson, Sales Director at Alkali Solutions. ‘This contract award is testament to the excellent customer support and high quality of Limesol supplied to these sites since 2016.’

‘The service is complemented by Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) where ASL has full stock management at all sites,’ added Thompson. ‘This facilitates economic logistics planning and the re-assurance that stocks will never run out. State of the art web-based technology guarantees delivery of this important service to Southern Water.’

The smaller sites have limited storage capacity and ASL offers reduced, more cost-effective delivery options than typical bulk liquid tankers.

ASL operates in partnership with Longcliffe Quarries and Alabaster Bulk Haulage, Derbyshire and manufactures, under licence, Limesol for effluent treatment and Puresol for drinking water treatment. For more information please visit




Derek Thompson, Sales Director, Alkali Solutions.

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Mini bulk deliveries pioneered by Alkali Solutions

Many of our customers don’t have the space or need for large bulk storage silo’s of up to 30,000 litre capacity, yet their usage demands more than can be economically serviced by 1,000 litre IBC’s, which can be expensive when all the deposit charges and cleaning costs have been factored into account.

In addition the added time and cost of pumping over from a 1,000 litre IBC can be an unwanted extra burden to the effluent treatment plant and its operators.

In order to satisfy this ‘Mini-bulk’ sized delivery requirement Alkali Solutions have commissioned the manufacture of two 6,000 litre tanks with delivery pumps and a bespoke road transport trailer.

The tanks are loaded using an accurate flow-meter with between 4-6,000 litres depending on the order volume required, connection is via industry standard 2″ bsp or 2″ cam-lock fittings, and a 2″ pump is used for Limesol transfer into the customers tank.

To see a short video please follow this link;

For more information contact Derek Thompson on



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Alkali Solutions Ltd exhibiting at Water Northern Ireland Conference.

“The only dedicated event for senior stakeholders in the Northern Ireland water sector”

This was an excellent opportunity to promote our solutions for both wastewater and drinking water treatment, although all sludge is incinerated in Northern Ireland there is still scope for Limesol in pH correction and flocculation of outflows. Puresol for drinking water treatment is a high interest product as ageing infrastructure deteriorates over time and the capital requirements of using a liquid lime far outweigh those for dry lime or other solutions.

Alkali Solutions believe firmly in dedicated industry conferences like this and have a busy programme set out for 2018, see us next at Water Ireland in Dublin, 25th April.

@wwtlive #waterNI

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Alkali Solutions at Wastewater 2018


Alkali Solutions exhibited their unique Limesol and Puresol liquid lime at this event for the first time, the response to our case studies in Sludge Treatment, Drinking Water Treatment and our industrial experience was excellent, so much so that we booked the same spot for next year!

One of the main discussion points on our stand this year was the rising cost of Caustic Soda, a common alkali used in the treatment of both drinking water and industrial effluents, rumours abound of £100 per tonne increases next month, that’s more than 50% on current prices.

Overall the day was extremely well organised by the WWT team, three lecture theatres for each topic of Infrastructure & Networks, Treatment and Sludge, meant something for everyone and from our point of view it certainly attracted the right people, and as you can see from the picture below, it was a packed exhibition hall during the breaks.


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Economic Advantages of Biosolids Recycling

A recent paper by ofwat details exactly the economic advantages for both the Utility provider and the farmer when using biosolids in place of manufactured fertiliser, it’s a shame the piece did not elaborate further on the carbon footprint of modern fertiliser production compared to biosolids but I’m sure that data is out there somewhere.

Sludge disposal costs are astronomical and often distances traveled are also excessive, simple Limesol treatment will cost £10-15 per tonne dry solids, treated Biosolids are attractive to agriculture as a valuable Nitrogen rich fertiliser alternative and can save the farmer considerable amounts of money!

Typical Biosolids output

In a nutshell;

Sludge disposal costs average £230 per tonne dry solids (TDS) in the UK

Biosolid cost to farm approx. £1.50

Allowing for Nitrogen content difference cost per hectare are;

Fertiliser              £275

Biosolids              £150

The cost for treating a SAS Sludge to ‘Enhanced level’ with lime is approx. £10-15 TDS

Ref ‘Water 2020: Regulatory framework for wholesale markets and the 2019 price review Appendix 1: Sludge treatment, transport and disposal – evidence and design options ‘Water 2020 sludge treatment, transport and disposal

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Limesol 45 transforms effluent treatment at specialist Metal Finishing company

The treatment of effluent has been a major concern for the Rimex Metals Group. Specialists in metal finishing and architectural metals Rimex produces surface finishes on stainless steel and other metals. The company has manufacturing facilities throughout the world and a global distribution network.

In the UK, the company traditionally used low solids content lime suspension to treat effluent which is collected in two separate sumps, one for chromic acid based and the other for phosphoric/sulphuric based effluent.

Considerable savings in time and money

By replacing the incumbent lime suspension with the high solids content of Limesol from Alkali Solutions, the company has made considerable savings and introduced a less hazardous and more environmentally friendly product.

Moving to a reagent that is 2.5x stronger in active ingredient reduces volume usage and repair and maintenance costs, in addition transport costs are greatly reduced a staggering 60% reduction in road miles is achieved by utilising a longer lasting reagent that requires fewer deliveries.

Alternative Delivery Methods

Alkali Solutions are currently developing a mini-bulk delivery system, capable of delivering 4-6,000 litre batches via pump over at any one time, this will greatly reduce the time taken by the current method that involves delivery of IBC’s and the transfer of their contents on site, typically over a period of hours.

As an economic alternative to IBC’s, mini-bulk delivery offers a less time-consuming delivery process and due to the fact that IBC’s have a limited cycle of use, costs can be reduced for the final delivered product.

Effluent Treatment Process

Firstly, the effluent containing chrome is reduced from hexavalent chromium using sodium metabisulphite. The reaction time is pH dependent and works more rapidly under acidic conditions. Due to the sulphate process the pH is controlled to around pH1.3 with hydrochloric acid.

All the effluent is dosed with an aluminium reagent before being neutralised with Limesol. This is a two-step process, with the final pH being around pH11.5, found to be the optimum pH for the formation of calcium aluminium sulphate oxide. The effluent containing calcium, aluminium and sulphate ions, is then passed through an ultrasonic reactor. The reaction chemistry and kinetics are altered so that the sodium oxide is formed. This material is a very fine precipitate. Epofloc L1-R is then dosed to ensure heavy metals removal but it also starts the flocculation process.

The effluent is them pumped to a lamella settler for separation of solids and liquid. A flocculant is added en-route to the lamella. Phosphate is finally removed by precipitation with aluminium and calcium. The final results for removal are dependent on dosage rates but they can be as high as up to 99.7 percent for sulphate and heavy metals and up to 99.9 percent for phosphate.

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Why liquid lime is cheaper than Caustic Soda

Can you save money use Limesol 45 in place of Caustic Soda?

Current market rates for 32% Caustic Soda are in the region of £270 per metric tonne (pmt) in 1,000 litre IBC’s, equivalent to nearly £400 pmt at 45%.

I can guarantee a price significantly less than £400 pmt for Limesol 45 liquid lime, and due to its divalent nature an additional 7% efficiency will be given when switching to a lime product.

Overall you can expect to save 20 – 30% on alkali costs by switching to Limesol 45 liquid lime, additional benefits may also be realised by lime being a natural flocculant; reducing ferric or aluminium based flocculants

Limesol 45 is highly stable, low settling, highly reactive and low viscosity, making it an ideal alternative to the costly and harmful Caustic Soda reagent, often all that is needed to use Limesol is an IBC stirrer as Caustic dosing pumps are often compatible with Limesol 45.

For a free trial using Limesol 45 please call me, Derek Thompson on 07903615205

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Limesol the easiest way to condition digested sludge?


One sure fire way to guarantee any sludge meets the Safe Sludge Matrix “Enhanced” grade is to add lime to increase the pH to a level high enough to ensure a 99.9999 or 6 log pathogen kill.

In the past quicklime (or burnt lime) was added to the sludge to attain an elevated pH and temperature, often difficult and certainly dangerous, this method was fraught with issues both mechanical and chemical in nature; high ammonia levels being but one!

Now in the 21st century we have a better solution (or should that be suspension?) Limesol® liquid lime, coming ready-made at 45% solids this high reacting lime slurry quickly raises pH to kill pathogens without the inherent danger of quicklime.

Limesol is easy to dose, either into the centrifuge feed or onto the cake belt directly, it mixes easily with the cake and produces a uniformly enhanced cake for direct agricultural use.

A simple but effective Limesol® rig can be set up in minutes, dosing direct from an IBC into the centrifuge feed or cake belt. Permanent installations are also low cost and very economic, often fully automatic and integrated into current operational control methods.

We can organize a field trial so you can see the results for yourself. We offer a flexible delivery service with IBC’s or bulk to suit your requirements.

Contact Derek on 07903 615205

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Our Production Partner; Longcliffe Calcium Carbonates, on Limesol liquid lime

Longcliffe Calcium Carbonates, production partner to Alkali Solutions Ltd, included the attached article in their regular newsletter to staff and customers.

Detailing the development of the plant and technology, the article goes into details of the Limesol and Puresol production process and some of the qualities of the products as well as the logistic and support benefits being offered by Alkali Solutions Ltd

Milk of Lime – Longcliffe Article

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Alkali Solutions adds new tanker to fleet following record 6 months

As our sales in Limesol liquid lime increase across the UK we are delighted to announce a new member of our tanker delivery fleet, the new tanker increases our delivery capacity to an industry leading 28.5 tonnes, more Limesol per delivery for our customers! and more flexibility of supply.

As the demand for Limesol increases across all our main markets, from industrial effluent treatment to sludge treatment, the need for good reliable transport couAlkali Solutions Tanker 1ld not be more important, Alkali Solutions customers enjoy a personal, tailored service that delivers them the right quality material right on time.

“As our growth continues at pace we need to satisfy customer demand, which means a reliable next day service using best in class vehicles and drivers, our logistic partners Alabaster Bulk Haulage (ABH) have proven an invaluable member of the Alkali Solutions team.

ABH also provide our IBC haulage and return delivery service, an increasingly important part of our product offering to the small volume customer ” Derek Thompson, Sales Director.

For more information please contact Derek Thompson on 07903 615205, or email

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