Technical Papers:


Understanding the potential environmental risks posed by metals is a key factor
in ensuring that they are produced and used safely. For mining and metals
companies this is an important aspect of materials stewardship, whereby
companies are extending their interest beyond the plant gate and considering the
whole life cycle of their materials. The Metals Environmental Risk Assessment
Guidance (MERAG) publication presents the most advanced and appropriate
scientific concepts for assessing the risk posed by the presence of metals and
inorganic metal compounds in the environment

strategic use of lime in sludge treatment SWW

Lime treatment of wastewater sludge has been in use for over a century. This paper describes the
use of ‘Liquid Lime’ and hydrated lime suspensions as a sludge treatment process for the specific
purpose of agricultural recycling.

Trace HeMe Removal with Ferric

This paper presents the results of ferric chloride application in the removal of trace amounts of lead, cadmium, nickel, chromium and zinc, from three different industrial wastewater streams.


A detailed synopsis on methods for heavy metal removal in waste streams

The LimeCure 50 additive and methods of manufacturing the Puresol and Limesol slurries are covered by two US patents and one international patent as well as one US patent pending.

Alkali Solutions

Puresol and Drinking Water Markets1280px-Drops_Imapct

Limesol and Industrial Treatment Market

LimeCure 50 Additive